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36 Hours

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

I received an inquiry asking for birth photography from Lorie during her first trimester.

We arranged to meet at Edison coffee house.

Shortly after arriving, a woman with wildly vivid colors in her hair walked in and sat down with me.

As soon as we started discussing her pregnancy, my heart leapt into my throat.

She was so refreshing to be around.

She was happy. Easy to get along with.

Like a genuine happy.

She had told me that she wanted the birth of her first child documented and found connection in my work.

After several meet ups throughout her trimesters, the day was nearing.

We kept in frequent contact.

Always keeping me in the loop.

As the due date came closer, I noticed the moon was full.

We joked about how the moon brings babies.

There is no proof to that theory but it seems to maybe have some hidden truth.

On Thanksgiving Day, at 4am, I received a text that they were heading to the birth center. Her water had broken at 9PM the previous evening but active labor did not start until much later.

I arrived to find the usual swing of things.

Breathing slowly through the contractions.

In together.

Out together.

Swaying together.

Leaning together.


Keeping concentration.

Between contractions, food and drink were encouraged.

Nutritional strength was needed.

8 or 9 hours had passed and the progression seemed to change.

Water was introduced to help relax Lorie.

With the water beading down her back she was able to find some relief.

She became more aware and s