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*This birth story contains graphic imagery that some may find "unsettling"....good. Enjoy this naturally beautiful birth story and embrace motherhood with us. Birth has been in the dark long enough.*

A couple years ago Kimberly reached out to me regarding birth photography. However, at that time, we found out that we had the same due date.

That factor made it too risky to photograph her birth.

Fast forward 2 years later.

She reaches out once again.

This time, we could make it happen.

Each client has a different synopsis of how her births go. With them not knowing the sex of the baby, they wanted it all to be as calm and non invasive as possible.

Throughout our coffee date, she was explaining to me how she births and what she prefers to happen, regarding help.

This was the first time I had someone look me right in the eye and carefully say,

"Birth is easy for me. I've had 4 and each one has been relatively manageable. Don't freak out if you don't see me struggling or upset."


I just kind of laughed it off but was intrigued.

Even the "easiest" or "fastest" births I have documented, there was some moment of "woman meets primal" or "Come to Jesus" moment, if you will.


(1AM day of birth)

I got the call to go to the hospital.

She was breathing through contractions at an 8.

Actually, she was staring through contractions at an 8.

I couldn't help but just study what was going on.

Neither could the nurse.

As we waited for an open room, she allowed everything come at her...and she didn't make a sound. She fought nothing.

I was marveling at what she WASN'T doing.

Shortly after arriving, the nurse transferred us to the room.

Michael started to play "The Final Countdown" from Europe

It made us all laugh.

Bold move, dad.

About an hour into being in her room, the pace quickened.

The moving.

The swaying.

The overall shift of getting closer to seeing their baby.

She made one sound.


Her body was telling us that she needed help with counter pressure.