While Kirstie is preeminent for her birthing experiences, I have not used her for such. I have known Kirstie since high school and have earnestly followed her revolution of the photography industry. While other women may dream of the flowers, the cake, or the people attending their wedding, I have had a single image in my head that Kirstie is bringing to life. Her ability to obviate nerves during a photo session is apparent from the moment she directs her lens on the subject. Her ability to capture the perfect image through understanding chemistry and personality is legendary. I 100% recommend KPP, and I will utilize her quintessential talents for as long as she is practicing her artistry.


Senior Pics

Kirstie is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever encountered. She has become more than a photographer to my family - she’s become a friend. Not only is she professional and very skilled in photography, she genuinely cares about her clients. From newborn photos to family photos to birthday photos, we’ll always choose you. We love you Kirstie! Thanks for all you do and who you are. ❤️


Senior Pics

Kirstie is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever encountered. She has become more than a photographer to my family - she’s become a friend. Not only is she professional and very skilled in photography, she genuinely cares about her clients. From newborn photos to family photos to birthday photos, we’ll always choose you. We love you Kirstie! Thanks for all you do and who you are. ❤️


Family Pictures

Kirstie is very professional! She was on time to the photoshoot and went ABOVE AND BEYOND product delivery. She returned photos quickly and gave an accurate time frame of returned photos. And she has great specials! So be sure to subscribe to her email list. I would highly recommend and definitely use her services again.


Family Pictures

I have followed KPP for a while I’m FB and I love her work and style! So I booked a family session and I loved how easy she was to work with. She did such a great job with our family photo session. The weather was not on our side and she still turned it into a beautiful time and was great and understanding with my semi-cranky kids. I am so thankful for her! Oh and she had such a great turnaround time! 🤩


Family Pictures

Kirstie is the epitome of happiness! This is the first time we’ve done family pictures so we were clueless as to what to do or what was expected. Kirstie ran to our car and gave me the biggest hug and chatted with my 3 year old and hubby and immediately put us at ease. That’s what a great photographer does: make the client(now friend!!❤️) does. The equipment maybe 50%, if that even, but if we were uncomfortable you wouldn’t be able to hear the love and laughter in our pictures cuz we are not actors for sure!! ❤️We ❤️ Kirstie to bits! Can’t wait for holiday pics!


Family Pictures

Where do I even begin?!? Amazing??? That doesn’t even begin to cover it. Kirstie is part of our family now. She has photographed us since 2015. Her amazing work and genius is beyond compare. The images she captures of my kiddos, not afraid to be silly herself, in order to get them, are the very essence of what I love in her style of photography. She offered birth photography to me for my third kiddo. I turned her down too worried about it being a distraction for me/ I didn’t think I wanted those kind of pictures. Well, along came our next baby. I decided to bite the bullet and ask her to photograph. I cannot begin to explain how amazing she was. Not only was Kirstie beneficial to myself and my husband through her encouragement and support. She was also a silent part of the background, I hardly noticed or felt distracted by, never once did I feel Invaded or like she was in the way. The images she presented us with, oh my word, magnificent doesn’t even do them them justice. What Kirstie possesses is truly a gift and one of the most amazing gifts I will treasure forever. I’m soo looking forward to her capturing our next birth and continuing to photograph our family for years to come.



I would 100% recommend Kirstie with KPP every day of the week! She went above and beyond for me and my husband and worked with our schedule. She pays amazing attention to detail and gave me the breathtaking photos I had been dreaming about. Thank you thank you!!!! ❤️


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Kirstie captured the exact look i wanted for my maternity photos. I was worried because our location had to change that i wasnt going to get the same effect and she outdid herself and made my vision possible. 10 out of 10 will hire her again!


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Kirstie was simply amazing! She is so knowledgeable about women and the birthing experience. She was present with my wife every step of the way and showed support that I did not expect from a photographer. She truly goes above and beyond and we were so thankful for her services. She is definitely the “go-to” for this line of work!


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Kirstie was a Godsend. This is not just a business for her - it’s her heart. How she took care of our family by meeting with us, asking what we needed from her, to being so present with us during labor and delivery was a blessing. And the pictures she captures is unique to YOUR story. Have nothing but love for her.


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Beyond blessed to have had Kirstie document my 7th birth. From our first meeting through my entire pregnancy, Kirstie was engaged, supportive and available. As soon as I let her know that I was in labor, she dropped everything to be by my side throughout my home birth experience. In addition to capturing every emotion, she unobtrusively bared silent witness to my labor and ultimate water birth. Kirstie was a vital part of my birth team. I will forever treasure the images that she captured that day. She has a rare talent to capture the beauty and truth of birth. I am thankful to have worked with Kirstie and cannot recommend her enough to anyone considering birth photography. In addition, she is a phenomenal family photographer. Thank you, Kirstie!!


Our son was born November 07/2018.

In the months preceding his birth, my wife and I thought about every we would need for the big day of his arrival. Being first time parents we looked forward to the experience with all the joy and excitement in the world. My wife brought up the idea of hiring a birth photographer, someone who could professionally document the momentous occasion. It’s not something I would have come up with, but thank goodness my wife did and thank goodness we found Kirstie Perez of KPP (Kirstie Perez Photography). After viewing her portfolio and all her great work online and meeting with her in person, we knew we were in great hands. When that most special day came around, Kirstie was there for us to capture every beautiful moment. Her photographs tell the whole amazing story of our sons birth. It’s more then just pictures, it translates our emotions and all the feelings that took over us on that day. It allows us to see even more then we would have since taken by so many emotions on the actual day. So much goes on inside and out it’s hard to take it all in. Throughout our time with Kirstie we felt so lucky to have someone with her talent, her passion for what she does and her respect for her clients. All three of those things are reflected in her work. My wife and I treasure the photographs of our son’s arrival more then we could ever say and because of Kirstie’s artistry we will be able to travel back vividly to that day and relive all those magical moments. We can’t thank her enough for the job she did and the way she did it! Thank you, Kirstie!!! Your skill (more like, your gift), professionalism, kindness and dedication certainly place you in the upper echelon of your peers.

Five stars across the board! Thank you!


My wife and I first met Kirstie at a Starbucks in los colinas. Going into this meeting I had no idea that it was going to be one of the best decisions I ever made. I for one never heard of birthing photography in my life so I really had no idea what to expect. I had a boatload of questions that Kirstie answered without hesitation. It was more like an interigation and she did not bat an eye. As a soon to be father and husband would you expect anything less. Again after that meeting we knew that we needed her in our life. During the pregnancy Kirstie went above and beyond the expectation we had. She would offer to help Anna while I was working by bringing her coffee and food if needed. Fast forward to November 25 at about 5:45 in the morning on a Sunday I’m in charge of making all calls when we had to head into the birthing center. On that call list number 2 on the list was Kirstie. I called her and she was ready to go. We met up at the center almost at the exact same time. Still a little unsure about everything I knew that she had it all under control. She was able to comfort Anna and myself aside from taking some of the most breathtaking photos that captured every emotion in the room. When looking for someone that goes above and beyond any expectation you’ve ever had this is the woman to go to. Kirstie Perez deserves an award for what she does, captures, and believes in. I would use her hands down every time. Unfortunately there are not enough words in the English dictionary that explain the experience we had. You just have to talk to her to know you’re making the right choice.
Thank you so much Kirstie for everything you have done for us.


Kirstie may be listed as a birth photographer, but she is so much more than that. As a father you often feel like you don't belong when it comes time for the woman you love to give birth. Kirstie understands that and helped me to be more involved, showed me ways to help my wife during labor, to support her and be there for her more than I had ever been with our previous children. Then of course there are also the pictures which she is great at too :) If you are considering a photographer for the birth of your child don't pass up on this amazing woman!


My wife showed my mother the photos of Noah’s birth. She thought they were beautiful. It reminded her of the indistinct memories she has of me and my siblings’ births. She was in awe and she was remorseful. It made me appreciate

Kirstie's service so much more. She chronicled every moment of the process, leaving us such a valuable reference. I’m so grateful Whitney and I were able to focus on the birth while Kirstie focused on capturing the moments. And we needed our focus. Noah will come to appreciate them too. We’ll show him the photos and we’ll tell him how deeply needed he was, how much we anticipated his arrival. 


No words can really express how awesome Kirstie is. I hired her because I love her style of birth photography. What I gained was a wonderful friend. She was with us throughout our whole labor never leaving our side - and I was in labor for a really long time. She was there to talk my husband off the ledge because at times he was struggling to see me in so much pain and he felt frustrated and helpless. In the midst of all the pain, I recall hearing hers and my husband's words of encouragement and which really got me through it. I absolutely adore her! 


This amazing lady is the real deal! We are so thankful we found you Kirstie Clark! Don’t ever hesitate to hire her amazing services! What she does is magical! And the result I promise, you’ll treasure forever. We are mesmerized by all the amazing pictures of our son’s birth. Her vision translates all emotions, it shows the soul through a photograph. Not many can do what she does! 
We congratulate you, we thank you! We praise your work and the person that you are. You make the process so easy. Thank you a million times! 
And... let’s do this again next year! 🙏🏻🙌🏻💖


Kirstie shot our wedding this past weekend and I can't be more thankful for everything she did. From the phone calls where she let me vent and complain about wedding planning, to her working with our dogs, to her being so on top of everything, she was one of the key parts to our amazing wedding. I know she does mostly birth photography, but she was still AMAZING at our wedding. She never got in the way of anyone, and our sneak peaks are pure art. No matter what work she is doing for you, be prepared to love the entire process.


Stunning, images. Passionate and focused artist. Accommodating and reassuring. If you are looking for someone who won’t shy away from the very real parts of pregnancy and birth—she has an amazing eye for capturing how moments feel. For framing the uniqueness in our everyday and for taking the extraordinary in a woman and emboldening it for all the world to see. 
Amazing edits, gorgeous color pallets, and also, she somehow always getting my teething toddler to smile. Witchcraft? No. The fierce understanding only another mama can have—and a commitment to the shot and to me as a woman, that is completely unparalleled to any other person I have ever hired for any job of any kind in my entire life. 
Real. Respectful. Bold. Gorgeous.


My family and I have had the pleasure of working with Kristie since Winter 2016 and since then we’ve done 2 family shoots, an engagement session and she has photographed my wedding. She is always friendly, welcoming and easy to work with. She always goes out of her away to be sure I am ready for our shoot and willing to address any of my concern (especially reassuring come wedding time!). The relationship she had built with my family and I makes the photos that much more meaningful. I have always heard your relationship with your photographer is crucial and it’s what keeps my family going back with KPP every time.


I just got my maternity boudoir pictures back and obsessed is an understatement. The pictures are perfect. Our session was so comfortable and I enjoyed every min. I am so thankful to have these beautiful pictures!


I’m OBSESSED with our pics! Kirstie has done anniversary pics, family pics (with our cat) & our wedding pics. Every single time, I’m amazed at how spot on she is. The pics are everything I wanted & more. The pictures are soooo perfect & have sentimental value to me


I am so thankful that Kirstie was who we chose to capture our most recent labor and delivery. This was baby number 4, so being completely aware of how vulnerable you become during this process, you have to make sure you choose a photographer / videographer that respects your space and wishes. Not only does Kirstie surpass those concerns, she also brings an energy and compassion that makes you feel like she is living through each contraction with you. When my headband was slipping, she was the one to fix it. When I said: "I don't think I can do this", she was the one that said: "You're already doing it!" - All while capturing the most intimate moments between my husband and I. Additionally, I felt completely respected and as though she was completely present, but invisible, if that makes sense. There are some very intense photos I look at now and don't remember her taking them at all. She definitely knows how to blend in with what is occurring and respects the father's role like I have never seen. My husband was initially hesitant to have it captured on video; but now, is so thankful that we did. It is an intense and powerful miracle to experience and Kirstie captured all of that and more. We can never thank her enough!


I don't know that I have the words to convey how thankful we were that we chose Kirstie to capture our 2nd natural birth. As the husband and father, I initially hesitated to have it captured in video format. It is a very intimate and private moment and we knew that this would be our last pregnancy. Let me just say, I cannot imagine us not having Kirstie there. She respected our wishes on what we wanted captured; she understood the level of modesty we were comfortable with; she was nurturing to my wife through each stage of labor; and was more like a family relative being present to experience the miracle of birth with us. We were blown away with the final product and the service that we received from the initial consult all the way through the postpartum phase when we received the final product. In addition, she respects her client's wishes as far as privacy and has a unique ability to put emphasis on the father's involvement in the birthing process. Thank you Kirstie - you have a true gift.


Incredible attention to details!! Kirstie was so good at positioning and explaining to us exactly what she wanted and why. Awesome day. Will be using her again no doubt.


Kirstie is such an amazing photographer. She has a VERY special talent, and also is a sweet and kind soul. She photographs things beautifully, while also going above and beyond what anyone would ever expect. I can't recommend her more!


What an amazing and pleasant surprise. After previously having 2 babies with nobody else in the room, I was hesitant to invite a stranger into such a private and intimate moment. Kirstie took the time to meet several times with us prior, in order to get to know us and develop that comfort and trust. On the day of the birth, she really impressed me. She was a fly on the wall most of the time, but was also involved in questions and discussions when needed. She was also an amazing additional support for my wife. She coached her, comforted her and made her the most important person in the room (as should be). To top it all off, we ended up with the most amazing pictures and video, that captured every moment and every emotion and locked them into a permanent keepsake that we will cherish forever.

MAY 18 2018 | SEAN LOUGH

Words cannot express how happy I am that we chose Kirstie to be our photographer. She did maternity pictures, birth pictures, and a birth video and I am so in love with all of them! For a mother, the birthing experience is such a blur of emotions! At least it was for me. I was able to look back at the pictures, and see things that I wasn’t even aware of at the time. The pictures really helped me process and relive all of it. Kirstie was absolutely amazing to work with. Not only did she capture breathtaking images and footage, but she was so supportive during my birth. It seriously would not have been the same without her there. My only regret is that we didn’t have her capture my two previous births.


I am amazed by Kirstie’s work! She has done such an awesome job with the photos and she surprised us with a birth video. We didn’t have anything like this with our first son and so wish that we did. To me, my delivery was long. We were at the birthing center for about 9 hours. She stayed the entire time and captured every beautiful moment, every hard moment, and even the feeling of WAITING for our reflection. She is extremely sociable and respectful and makes working with her very easy. What a blessing to have found her!


Kirstie gives her all in her work...and it shows!


To say Kirstie is amazing would simply be an understatement. I had been following her work for over a year through a close friend before actually getting to experience it myself and I just fell in love with how intimate and personal she gets with her clients, and just the overall quality. Not to mention always wishing I was pregnant just to get the amazing birth photo shoot or maternity shoot haha! So of course when a friend of mine asked for birth photographer recommendations, I said Kirstie with no hesitation! My friend ended up using her of course so I got to book a free mini session and I was thrilled! It took us over a year to finally get it in the books but she was always so understanding and it was definitely worth the wait! I had her do my 30th photo shoot and we had a blast! We laughed so hard that we cried, and even through mishaps of nature she was so creative and professional through it all but still made me feel so comfortable and confident the whole time! She let me do my own thing and totally captured my vision and what I wanted! It felt more like I was hanging out with a friend than at a photo shoot, which is what makes her so much more than just a photographer! It was such a great experience and I can't wait to use her again and again! So basically, RUN, don't walk to KPP photography!!


Kirstie really out did herself with our engagement photos! Which is exactly why you should hire her to do yours!! We are absolutely in love with the images she produced. She cares and that means the most!


I have been going to KPP for 3 years now. Kirstie has done my wedding, engagement, bridal and two of my boudoir sessions. Her work is out of this world. She is so passionate and I trust her more than anything


We had a blast with Kirstie and the pictures for our engagement session were phenomenal. We’ll definitely be using her talent, vision, and hilarity for years to come in all our portrait needs!


Kirstie was so easy to book with, she was great at my crazy locations and seeing the artsy parts of everything I wanted. Super urban and edgy is what I wanted and it’s exactly what I got. She was wonderful and patient with my crazies and it was a super cold (40degrees) morning and we got everything done in 20 minutes before we all froze to death. Can’t say enough great things! But most of all the pictures are OUTSTANDING and my favorites photos ever!!!


First and foremost Kirstie is AMAZING at her job! I was running 15 minutes late to my 30 minute mini session and she still managed to get so many wonderful pictures. Will definitely be using her in the future!


Let me start off by saying Kirstie has an amazing personality. Our photo shoot couldn’t have gone better. She exceeded our expectations. 
I was not let down at all. She was very helpful throughout the process and showed passion into what she does. If you want photos that will reflect the essence of the moment she is the one to call. You will love them and will not be disappointed.


Kirstie is the sweetest soul. It’s easy to be incredibly comfortable around her. You don’t ever feel posed in a fake position, which I love. She captures real life right in that moment. Anyone can be a photographer, but not everyone can capture the powerful feelings and raw emotions the way she does. So if you happen upon this page in your search for the perfect photographer, search no more! You found her.


Kirstie captured our family in the most beautiful way. The whole experience was effortless for us, and with a 3 year old and 10 month old, you know that can be a challenge! Her vision and direction was exactly what we were looking for and I couldn’t have been happier with the final results! We will definitely be shooting with her again and again. The girl has an eye for getting those moments that you will proudly want displayed in your home. Thank you again Kirstie


I am so glad that we had Kirstie capture our Fall family pictures! She is the only one I know that could get 2 teenagers, 1 preteen and a 6 month old baby all to smile at the same time and be happy about taking photos early in the morning. She is so professional and works quick so that she is able to capture all the natural shots you always wish you had your camera close by for. Not to mention the super fast turn around in getting proofs back! We will definitely be using her for future photos and recommend her to anyone that needs intimate and special memories captured. Thank you again KPP!


Let me just start by saying that there is NO WAY that anyone would be disappointed by Kirstie and her work, which can only be described as “witchcraft and wizardry” because she’s just that good. When I started my search for a wedding photographer I wanted someone that would get to know us on a personal level, someone with a unique photography style that would understand what I wanted on a serious level, but that could also cut up and sincerely enjoy our big day along with us. I talked to 3 other photographers before I remembered that i had previously met Kirstie through a close friend. All of their work was good but I didn’t feel that emotional connection I needed to be sure they were my person. As soon as I talked to Kirstie and looked over her work I KNEW without a doubt in my heart that she was our girl. She set up several face to face meetings with me to discuss every detail(things I didn’t even think of) and to me that shows true passion for her work and her clients. We didn’t hire a wedding planner so I knew that Kirstie would be the one running the show on the day of my wedding and that’s exactly how I wanted it. She is organized, keeps everyone on track, gets you everything you want in your visions for your photos and also anything you need outside of photography. She was one of the few people that kept me truly sane, calm, and happy on the biggest day of my life. I think we had the biggest wedding party she’s ever worked with(26 of us) and she took on the challenge with a smile, she embraced it and did an AMAZING job nonetheless. I truly believe our day wouldn’t have been the same without her one of a kind spirit and her undeniable talent. Not to mention I know no one else could of captured our wedding day as beautifully and as flawlessly as she did. We are so grateful to know her and have her in our lives not only as our forever photographer but also as our forever friend


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kirstie! She was such a dream to work with. For any mama who has a toddler, you know the terror that toddler tantrums and stranger danger can be. I was so sure our mini session was going to be a bust, but Kirstie was SO patient and really got on my son’s level to have him warm up to her. Her overwhelming kindness and professionalism took the stress and worry off me and I got to actually enjoy the session with him. Her turn around time was impeccably fast and the quality was amazing! I got teary eyed at how happy we both look in the photos. Thank you so much for capturing these special mommy and son moments for us!


Kirstie, our fall mini session pictures turned out beautiful! Thank you so much!! It is always a little stressful preparing and getting family pictures done, but you were fantastic at making the experience simple, quick and easy. Best of all though, we got beautiful family pictures! Yeah so happy!!


Kirstie was perfect during our fall session! She worked so well with us and our pups and produced beautiful pictures that we will cherish forever! Highly recommend


We loved working with Kirstie! She captured our little family perfect, and we can’t wait to have her take more photos of us in the years to come!


Kirstie was great to work with. I’m not the photo shoot kind of guy , but she is very laid back and puts you at ease. Thank you for the amazing pics that you took last weekend!! Don’t hesitate! Book this lady now!!


Prior to my wedding, I was warned many times to cherish my time during, as it would all be a blur. I didn’t truly understand that concept until the actual event. The silver lining on my foggy memory of this day in my life was Kirstie.


I didn’t really have a choice in choosing Kirstie…. You see, once you’ve followed her Facebook page for any time at all, you begin to understand that her pictures have a way of evoking and capturing emotion from a uniquely imaginative perspective. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great photographers out there. They take great photos; however, once seeing Kirstie’s work, there was no other option.


What I have from my wedding isn’t a collection of photos, it’s a collection memories from arguably the best day of my life. Kirstie was able to capture the emotion I felt, the happiness in my heart, the laughs of the crowd, and the magical love of a grandfather for his granddaughter.

Only once in my life have a cried from a photo, and this photo was of my first dance with my mother. The picture itself is alive in me because it captures something I could never see from my perspective at the moment, utter bliss.


Great writers do to literature what Kirstie does for photography. I am not a great writer, so I hope my brief review was enough for you to look through her collection as proof of the aforementioned.


-As a side note, it would be remiss of me not to mention her organization and preparation.


Kirstie kept us on time, herded the sheep when needed, and did her absolute best to balance time spent on photos with time for us to enjoy the wedding. She also met with us twice before the wedding in order to get a feel for me and my fiancé’s chemistry. It was this attention to detail that enabled her to understand what she was capturing.


Kirstie was great to work with. I’m not the photo shoot kind of guy , but she is very laid back and puts you at ease. Thank you for the amazing pics that you took last weekend!! Don’t hesitate! Book this lady now!!


Kirstie is so incredibly amazing! Not only were our photos beautiful, but I really feel like she captured who we are as a family. She is wonderful with kids and babies, and her personality and fun approach had all of us genuinely smiling, which is a feat for a three year old who doesn't typically smile for pictures and two one year olds who get distracted easily! Kirstie is so talented and great at what she does, and I am over the moon happy with the gorgeous photos she took. I can't say enough good things about her! Our family photos will definitely be hung up around our home as artwork, and next time I want photos done - I'm coming back to her! Thank you so much, Kirstie! You are so talented and definitely have a gift! 


Kirstie was awesome taking our family pics! She made us feel really comfortable and the pics turned out amazing! She also got them to us super quick! I highly recommend!


Kirstie is more than a photographer. She is a caring, talented, multitasking, badass Mama. She connects with you and your family on a personal level. While she was shooting during my 11 hour labor, I couldn't help but to take a moment and admire what she was doing. Most of the time you forget she is there because she moves around so gracefully. Yea, other photographer can do that but can they do that while babywearing?? I absolutely loved seeing that... When it came to the photographs and the very sentimental blog she wrote, it was absolute perfection!! Seeing those perfectly timed photos made me relive those moments but with completely different feelings... thinking about the moment I remember feeling scared, wanting to give up. Now I felt strength and so much happiness. What Kirstie does is so powerful and has so much meaning behind it!! I could never thank her enough. Knowing that I will always have this to look back on, I'm forever grateful!!! <3


May Family


With every swipe a tear rolled down her cheek, my amazing wife was reliving every beautiful moment that you had captured of our child’s birth. The images you took are breathtaking; they reminded my wife how pain and suffering can lead us to something joyous and rewarding. We are truly grateful for the unconditional time you spent with us as we welcomed our son into this world; you were friendly and brought energy to the room, even when Brenda was facing a turbulent rush of frustration you were there. You have helped us obtain a plethora of beautiful photos for our memories and we hope to add many more with your help.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Ashton, Brenda, Noah and Joaquin May


Kirstie is beyond amazing with a camera! She took pictures of absolutely everything I wanted and more! She has a unique style that will showcase everyone to look their best! I couldn't be more happy with her work. She is very professional and gets things done seamlessly. I STRONGLY recommend her. I mean... just take a look at her pictures, they speak for themselves.


Tears. That is what was flowing down my cheeks when I saw the wedding photos Kirstie took. She has a gift. And she doesn't just use her gift and then moves on, she goes out of her way and exceeds all expectations. This day was perfect for me and I am so grateful that I get to relive it whenever I want because of the astounding photos by KPP. Thank you!


Kirstie did an amazing job selecting the location for my maternity photo shoot. She has a great eye and really knows how to capture the moment. We will treasure these pictures and look forward to the day we can share them with our daughter. I highly recommend KPP!


I loved when I got my senior pictures done by Kirstie in 2016. They turned out AMAZING! I got so many compliments and Kirstie is an incredibly enjoyable person to be photographed by. She makes you feel incredibly comfortable and she is so sweet. I would recommend her a million times! 


I was lucky enough to stumble across Kirstie last December and after our holiday family shoot I knew I was hooked to not only her photography but also her personality. My fiancé and I booked her for our wedding right away and just finished our engagement shoot with her. The photos are breathtaking and captured our love for one another without needing to say a single word. Kirstie personality is as  captivating as her photography which has made her such a joy to work with. Looking forward to working with her for our wedding! 


Whatever "it" is, Kirstie has it. She has that innate ability to capture moments in time with feeling, and with romance--which is exactly what she did at our wedding. She also didn't break the bank, which we really appreciate. I am down with KPP!


I'm what you'd call a "professional hobbiest" photographer, pro gear but not my job. I'm not going to lie, when my wife said she wanted a birth photographer I may have scoffed and was slightly offended, that is until she reminded me that I could not be both getting the shots I want behind the lens and also at her side when she needed. She's a smart one.

My wife showed me several underwhelming portfolios, a few decent, and then Kirstie's. Her pictures were powerful, stylistically my taste, and frankly better than I knew mine would have turned out. Needless to say I was impressed.

I was still worried that having someone else with a camera in her face would ruin her birth experience, but then we met with Kirstie. Not only did she offer a great package deal on maternity, birth, and "welcome home baby" shoot, but she and my wife clicked instantly.

With all of my concerns alleviated and a great maternity shoot the big day came. Kirstie's ability to read the situation made her almost invisible once the birth got moving--yet she still managed to get great framing and preserve the up close moments that mattered.

The photos turned out AMAZING and I couldn't be happier.

Moral of the story, Kirstie is an amazing person and photographer and my wife earned yet another "I told you so."


Wow! I loved our labor and delivery pictures. I would highly recommend Kirstie. She did an awesome job. I found Kirstie's blog one week before my baby was born. I emailed her a little before midnight, and she responded and asked if I was available to talk. I was so impressed that she was willing to speak with me at that time of night. I was also impressed with her honesty. She was going to be out of town the the next week, and she didn't want to commit to me in case she wasn't available. I was so impressed with her work, what I saw on her blog and on Facebook, that I was willing to take the chance. AND I'M SO GLAD I DID!!!! She did an awesome job with the pictures and writing our story. I ended up going into labor the day before she was going out of town. She STILL CAME; she took amazing pictures. She didn't leave until 3 am, and I think she had a 6 am flight. I am so happy with our pictures. Thank you a million times over for capturing our special moment.


Absolutely amazing. She captured all the moments we wanted and all the ones we never thought of. She caught the moments you want to remember and the most intimate. She directed but also let us just be us. The quality is beyond anything you will find. Kirstie was extremely fun to work with, she gives you a great experience as well as amazing photos! Amazing work with an amazing woman!


We had our second session with Kirstie this past weekend. The first one was a mini session at Christmas, which was so fun! Ever since then I have followed her work and her personal life lol but I knew that would not be the last session I did with KPP. Fast forward 6 months to our engagement session. We had to reschedule due to weather a couple of times and she wanted to make sure she got the best photos possible. She definitely didn't disappoint. She is SO involved and helpful. Every detail matters to her and I think that is amazing. She isn't just capturing pictures for us, she is documenting a milestone in our lives. It's also just like you are hanging out with one of your friends that you have known forever which is an added bonus. I cannot wait to see the photos because I know they will be beautiful. Now I just need my wedding dress to get here so she can shoot my bridal portraits!! 


My husband and I chose Kirstie as our photographer for our wedding. She had already given us amazing engagement photos so we knew she'd be perfect for our wedding. Kirstie went above and beyond to make sure we were okay and taken care of before the ceremony and throughout the night. She handled our families and wedding party great and made sure we were getting the shots we wanted. Not only is she excellent at her job but she's always fun to work with! Never a dull moment! She will give you a sneak peak of any session and I cannot wait to see the rest of our wedding photos after the couple pictures I have seen. Kirstie is the perfect photographer for any important life events or even just for fun sessions and holiday pictures!!


There are not enough good words to describe my experience with Kirstie! She just shot our wedding and was amazing from the start. If there is one thing about Kirstie that sets her apart from the rest it is how she treats her clients! Not only did she help guide us through our wedding getting all the important pictures, but she made sure we had some time to ourselves, made sure we had water, made sure we got food even though we still didn't eat. She took care of us on our most important day! Kirstie made taking pictures fun and had some awesome and creative ideas while being completely open to any of our own ideas! And not to mention that the final results are simply breathtaking! 
I would recommend her to anyone and we will definitely be repeat customers of hers!


Kirstie has yet again come through with a terrific collection of photos. She was so relaxed and helpful during the shoot, which can often be uncomfortable especially when bearing skin out in a public place. She makes it so carefree and easy, which shines through in the photos. And her edits? Kirstie took every small thing that makes pregnant women cringe and made it look beautiful, which I cannot be more thankful for. Thank you for giving me a newfound sense of beauty and confidence, especially walking into one of the scariest parts of life. Love ya, sweet mama.


I was looking for a birth photographer when my birthing center recommended Kirstie to me. When I saw her work I was very excited, but I admit that when I saw how pretty she was I was oddly intimidated--which is silly, but true! But let me say: from maternity shoot, through the birthing process and during our newborn/family shoot, Kirstie made me feel beautiful, powerful, and comfortable. She had the perfect balance of letting me do my own thing, but chiming in to make sure we got my best angles and giving direction. Somehow she even got my fussy two year old to smile in every session and made sure my unruly hair looked awesome. Her angles during the birth were artistically "modest" without missing any of the action. Her turn around time on the photos was great, as was her pricing! And I love the bold dramatic hues she uses in her editing--it is a distinct style which captures intensity in ways other photographers don't. I completely and whole heartedly recommend using Kirstie for any life event you want truly captured.


Soooo thankful for Kirstie! I used her a few years back when I graduated high school for my senior pictures and she blew me away. Now she's capturing wonderful and priceless moments of my little family and helping us to create some of the best memories to look back on. She is patient, makes us laugh, and has the kindest heart. Plus I can't stress enough how beautiful her photography is! We adore KPP and she will forever be our number one ! Can't wait for the sessions to come, xoxo 


LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! KPP is the best. She is so patient and has such an infectious personality! She makes sure you are having a good time during the session and that you are enjoying yourself! Also, she takes time to make sure you are able to get all the poses you want too! She has photographed my engagement photos, wedding photos, birthday photos, and family photos! And we have been so impressed every single time. WE LOVE KPP! 😘


KPP is AMAZING! She did outstanding on my engagement and wedding pictures. If you are looking for a photographer she is your girl!! 🎥



I was lucky enough to stumble across KPP through Facebook and I am so thankful that I did! Never having professional photos done before I decided to give her holiday mini session a try and the results had me hooked! The photos were beautiful and received an abundance of compliments by both family and friends. I was nervous that I wouldn't know how to pose for the shoot but she was patient and understanding. She told me what positions would photograph best for my husband and myself and was very supportive throughout the entire session. I recommend her to anyone looking for professional photos and I look forward to working with her again in the future!