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Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Care *up to 20 hours

Baby calming techniques

Unlimited phone calls/texts up to 12 weeks postpartum

All postpartum clients receive emotional support

Help with infant care

Maternal recovery support

Feeding support

Light housework


Sibling care (in clients' home)

*So often new mothers have a lot of questions that might seem silly but need immediate answers. Those are the questions you’d want to ask a doula but not urgent enough or medically related you’d want to bother your pediatrician about.  Having a doula available to you for the first 12 weeks of your child’s life can make a huge difference in your state of mind, in your serenity and adjustment to the new family dynamic.

I also offer overnight doula services for those who have specific lifestyle needs. *This option helps with single parents, babies with special needs/colic, women who have to go back to work earlier than expected and need more sleep, women with little to no support or just wanting extra sleep at night. 

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