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Stop stripping them of their thorns

Their job is to protect her

Why would we take away her thorns?

Is it really so hard to understand that her innate beauty needs them?

Who are you to take them?

Do you think you can provide better protection for her without them?

You sit and think you know how to protect her, when the root & stem know how to protect her

Thorns and flowers are symbiotic

Symbiotic love is an intimate love

As close as two can be without harming one another

Isn't that we strive for?

Her thorns are her anger

Her thorns are her discernment

Her thorns are her brilliant rage

Her thorns are her guides

Her thorns teach others how to handle her from the first encounter

No discussion needs to be had in the presence of thorns

Thorns demand respect and they get it every single time.

The power isn't in the prick

The power is the thorn

It makes her powerful without apology

It makes her powerful against fear complete defenseless

Stop telling girls how to be when you cut their thorns

They already knew who they were

It was us who told them differently

Thorns do not need our permission to exist

They just do

Thorns are purposeful

So I'm not going to even remotely beg

Stop cutting our fucking thorns

"Thorny" writing #444

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