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Updated: Apr 7

Make them lose their sense of self

Infiltrate their mind's eye

Rip them from the wombs

Cut the flesh

Block their intuition

Overwhelm their senses

Punish their hearts

Pull out kindness

Root & stem

Teach them defensiveness

Ignore their humanity

Make them perform at a deficiency

Call it strength

When they really learn defenselessness

Make them violent

Taunt them

Tease them

Degrade them

Shame them

Push hard

Push fast

Push fierce

Push exact

Kill their softness

Stunt their growth

Call it progress

Praise their lower nature

Never let them reach their higher nature

Take it from them

Divide them

Conquer them

Bridle them

Dominate them

Encourage competition

Siphon their divinity

Tell them they never had any

Lie to them

How would they know any different?






Your softness is your greatest strength

Your gentleness is safety

Don't let them take you from you,

sweet boy

You were made whole

Writing #555

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