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I know they said they taught you how to shine

But no...

They didn't

They taught you how to flash
Hot in the pan
They taught us all how to burn hot and burn out
They didn't protect us
They didn't teach us how to sustain our flame
So we fell in love with our embers
Fiercely protecting the smallest parts of ourselves

What about how to shine when they try to snuff out your flame?
Did they teach you that, angel?
More specifically about the flame; the way that they will try to wield YOUR flame?
Entitled to YOUR element?
Do you know how to snuff yourself out while simultaneously keeping your flame lit within?
Do you know how to flourish underground, love?
Do you know how to millimeter inch your roots deeper with only the sense of a downward trajectory?
Do you know how to erase at least one of your senses to survive your surroundings, love?

Of course you do

You are a daughter

Learn how to keep your flame in the dark
In all spaces
In all places
Above and under
If you don't know how
Start with this fact

It's their privilege to see your flames

Writing #313 "SNUFF"
(Daughter Ode)

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