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Updated: May 18, 2023

Natalia has a special dedication for her birth photos & video:

"I dedicate this video to all the plus size mommas, the mommas of color, the mommas who's voice was never heard. You matter, your birth matters, regardless of what kind of birth.

Over the past years and giving birth to my sons, I was always body shamed by my providers. I was told that I was high risk due to my weight but never had any health issues. Every possible intervention was made for no reason. I would starve myself for fear of gaining weight by my next appointment. Then I would beat myself up for gaining a pound or two. I never enjoyed my pregnancies or birth experiences until this one. I met a beautiful midwife that never once let me feel unworthy or less than a human being for being plus size. She never shamed me, never weighed me, never once told me how much weight I had to lose. Instead she taught me what was good nutrition and always told me my belly was beautiful. The water birth experience was surreal. I don't remember much of what it looked like but I remember feeling of floating in clouds and the small cat naps I could take between contractions. I did not feel pain. Just pure power."

Birth video is at the end of the post.

*spiritual practices, nudity & blood are present in these photos & video*

Grab your ear buds & enjoy. <3

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