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Updated: May 18, 2023

I had one of the most unique birth sessions, I had ever encountered before.

I had just finished up a birth when the next day, I get an Instagram DM.

It was straight to the point.

"...I was due 3/20 and I just got induced. Would you be available tonight?"

I immediately called her. Through contractions, she breathed her information to me, and I headed in.

When I tell ya'll I was nervous....

A million thoughts flew through my head.

"I didn't get to meet her before the birth...what if we don't click well? What if she doesn't actually understand what I do..."

"I don't want her to feel uncomfortable...will she communicate with me, if she doesn't feel comfortable?"

"Is she being supported in her birth space?"

Once, I got there, I did my best to get to know her as much as I could without disturbing her experience.

Thankfully, the vibe between us was good and she was I had made it.

She was on a time clock for a cesarean due to being in labor early.

If she didn't have the baby by 7am, there was a plan in place to get that baby Earth side.

She wanted nothing more than to do it on her own.

She was supported and loved throughout the entirety of her labor.

After some time of rest, things kicked into gear. She was close to pushing and the doctor was almost to her room.

The doctor walked in with minutes to spare.

She bared down to push

The doctor said,

"I can see his head, mama. Just one more push."

And just like that, her son was born.

She was in disbelief and shock. She was finally holding him.

She finally had him in her arms.

There are moments, when the coaching is gone.,,when the area is cleaned up...when the doctor leaves and the nurses disperse and you are in that silence. All at once, everything hits you. All of the emotions we push aside so we can get our child to us. They sit and wait to be released. You've finally met your child.


Thank you so much for reaching out to me when you did.

This was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had doing what I do.

You are a force, mama.

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