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Updated: May 18, 2023

Have you seen the mothers in herbal baths shortly after they give birth?

Do you know what they are for?

Why they do it?

I assure you, it serves a bigger purpose than just beautiful images.

It is not a pointless trend.

Birth is traumatic.

Regardless of how epic or amazing your experience may have been, the body, scientifically and technically, goes through trauma in birth.

"Trauma" is not a dirty word.

It is a reality that we tend to overlook to try to be "better than" or "more than".

Trauma is a part of life but it does not always have to be a threatening part of life.

Whether it be physical, psychological or emotional, there is a reason birth is called, "labor".

It is tiring work and more often than not, it takes a tremendous toll on our well being.

We are rewarded with oxytocin release during the skin to skin with our children.

However, the fact remains that as soon as we deliver, our bodies reel from the event.

Herbal baths promote healing.

The properties in them are unbelievably soothing.

Especially for the tissue around our most intimate parts.

This can also help mother and baby bond while bathing together.

This does not have to be done only at a birthing center.

You can purchase your own or make it at home.

To those mamas who are looking for ways to recover, I hope this brings so new knowledge that you may not have had before.

Heal well, fellow mothers.

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