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Updated: May 18, 2023

Growing up where I lived, you could count on the sky opening up between the months of March - September

If nothing around you could open, the clouds certainly could.

The smell of spring & summer rain bringing in the fragrance of wild grass along with it.

The beautiful chaos of the storm clouds & siren warnings. It wasn't something we ran from as children unless absolutely necessary. The adults would watch with us as well.

Looking back, was that wise?

Probably not.

However, you can't put a price on intimately knowing how to stay calm during storms. The storms always brought some sort of beauty in the end.

It was a guaranteed incredible sunset if it was visible.

Neon shades of colors against black, grey & blue clouds.

Hard contrasts coming together to paint something worth seeing each time.

Storms have purpose.

They clear the way for new life.

New growth.



Learning the wisdom of the storms we looked forward to as kids reminds me of the unpredictability of birth.

It's in its nature.

We can want to be in charge all we want

- & we are to a degree-

However, the consistency in each birth is that baby is in charge of when it's time to start labor.

As much as birth can drive me, the calm of postpartum is where much of the magic resides.

That look on the face of someone who just opened herself up to bring another life.

It's more than mere "happiness".

It's usually something bigger.

I can't come up with a word for it...

maybe you can?

It's almost like a royal pride??

Honestly, even "regality" doesn't even sound powerful enough.

Maybe it's more of a visual...

like a phoenix settling in her new form from ashes.

There's always two new souls born in those rooms.

The peacefulness Kim has always been able to cultivate during her births is something I've admired. Frankly, anyone who knows how she does what she does has openly expressed the same opinions.

She is incredible.

This was one of the luckiest births I've photographed and it reminds me much of rainbows after storms.

This was her seventh birth but first surgery to give birth. I remember her texting me trying to stay calm. During her pregnancies I'm usually only called if absolutely necessary. So, I knew that she was genuinely going through it on more than just a "birth plan change" level when she expressed her dismay.

& despite her having very little choice in the matter, ultimately, the entire experience was beautiful. From her midwives, to her hospital transfer stay, to her friends coming through for her, to the hospital staff and the hospital itself.

After her surgery was finished we made sure to get the postpartum images as well.

She was just absolutely glowing.


we are all so proud of you and genuinely thank you for sharing your birth stories with the public over the years. Your selflessness has not only given representation where it needs to but has also shown a very different side of birth than we have been shown. You have been a part of the collective change for years. It's a privilege to know you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

All of my clients who share, thank you so much.


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