Iridescent Birth

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

I waited patiently to go into labor land with this family. Mid afternoon, I get the call from dad that Cass is ready to head to the birth center.

Cassandra & Les had their birth planned down to the wire.

She walked in with her birth affirmations in full swing and her husband patiently waiting for her to be comfortable enough to move indoors.

When she got there the midwives and I were guessing what she would be at. We all had thought maybe a 6. However, when she laid down to be examined we all were in for a shock.

Cassandra was at a 9.

Or as she put it, "a mother f*ckin 9!"

I haven't ever seen a mother at a 9 during natural labor, smiling and as happy as she was. This made all of us laugh.

After getting checked, we headed upstairs to get settled.

Over and over, the reassuring voice on her app was saying,

"I am breathing baby down..."

"My baby and I are safe..."

"My body knows what to do..."

There comes a point during each birth where I ask mom and dad if they would like a minute alone without everyone in the room.

The last thing on their minds are one another as they prepare for baby so these moments are emotional.

After all, this is the last time it will ever be just the two of them.

As their baby was transitioning down, Cass started moving around the top floor.

Her midwife began drawing her water.

The tone of the room changed, as it always does when baby starts descending downward. Things become more intense.

There is nothing like feeling that warm water on your body during labor.

They bought a bubble machine for their birth as well. It made her smile.

Les was on it.

He made every effort to stay on task.

More importantly though, he had made sure to be in tune with his wife during her most vulnerable journey.

When the intensity of birth picks up, it is very hard to get comfortable. She started rotating and moving just to ride out the contractions.

She didn't know this but not only did she look beautiful but she looked magnificent.

She looked strong.

She exuded capability.

We all were enamored with her resolve to breathe through everything her body put her through. It is not an easy thing to do.

After many hours and no baby, we needed to get Cass out of the tub and into a different position to help her daughter come down.

After standing for a while, she was transitioned to the bed to see where baby was at.

Her midwife instructed her to push if she felt she needed to do so. They could feel the baby and knew it was getting close to start pushing

Once she was back in the water, there was no stopping the waves that each woman possesses within.

Some of the waves are calm.

Some of the waves are restful.

Some waves build.

Others are downright powerful.

The mood of the room quickly shifted as each person drew closer to assist Cass, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Their precious child, Skylyn, was brought into the world with loving hands, water and iridescent orbs.

Cassandra's fearless mother's presence demanded awe.

Skylyn safely landed in her father's hands.

Cassandra and Skylyn shared their first look.

Les was speechless as he stared at them.

We came to realize that at one point during the labor, sweet baby girl was posterior.

If that doesn't make Cassandra even more of a champion, I have no idea what else would. She did an incredible job.

Cassandra & Les,

Thank you for being the awesome couple that you are. Your daughter has no idea how lucky and loved she is and always will be.