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Updated: May 18, 2023

Friday Writings #231: I pray you understand that relationships do not guarantee connection or entitlement. Whether family, loved ones, friends, coworkers, bosses, beliefs or institutions. I don't care that the world wants you to be a "good" person because "good" is subjective. "Good" has been weaponized. Especially during the time of childhood. Where we are most vulnerable. & unfortunately, "good" behavior is often exploited for power dynamics. I don't want you to be nice, I want you to be kind. Niceness is a survival skill required to interact socially; borderline safely. Kindness is a choice. Your kindness SHOULD run out when your autonomy is threatened. Your kindness SHOULD run out when your intuition is undermined. I don't care how deep you're in something, you stand 10 toes deep in what you know to be true.

If it's for you, allow it. If it's not, release it. And that is your baseline. Your boundaries. They are subject to change as YOU decide. Understand that everyone has that same right, right back at you. We belong to ourselves. This is self protection. This is wise. I pray you simply have a baseline of balance. Not everyone is out for your best interest. If fact, the majority of them are not. I need you to know that this is okay. This is wisdom not negativity. There will be times where you will out give and realize this is not love. There will be times where you will take and realize that's also not love. Balance is true love. More specifically, true love of SELF. And as true love of self, like every relationship you value, you work at it everyday. You find your baseline everyday. Nothing is linear, peach. There will be times where you will stand up to percieved Goliaths and your stone won't feel like power. It's because the stone is not the power. Your self worth is the power. Your belief in your baseline is your power. How many Oz's are out there behind a thin white sheet?

All of them, love. All of them.

Life will teach you how to swim, I'm trying to teach you how to float. Because I'm learning too.

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