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Updated: May 18, 2023

Blog entry: #444

Ya'll see where we were published?

I say "we" because I know damn well I couldn't have done this without you all over the last decade.

-Before I even start, I want to thank Teiah for always being willing to share her vulnerability with the world.- all the women who do, for that matter- I couldn't have done this without you! You are a vision and a constant muse, my love!


Laynna from Knix reached out to me in 2020 during the pandemic about a project they were working on.

It was a project called "Life After Birth."

Printed book full of stories and art.

Obviously, I was down.

In the chaos of life though, I somehow missed the launch of the book. Nevertheless, divine timing is everything. & 3 years later, almost to the day, it is now on my shelf.

Had someone told me when I was younger that my rebellious heart might one day hold some sort of weight, I would have teared up. Maybe even had understood myself a little bit more. I wasn't the only child growing up to be seen and not heard. We all were. I used to escape into the ink on the pages of my childhood. Dreaming of whatever the next word said to dream.

I remember writing books as a child.

So many trees shared intimacy with my mind.

Draft after draft.

Learning how to control the rebelliousness but it still always found a way to bleed out.

The blood just happened to be ink.

Simply needed proper form.

Had someone told me that I would be documenting portals and speaking mother tongue without thought, I would not have understood you. My insubordinate heart was smoldering at that age. It hadn’t caught flame yet. & when it tried, it was quickly snuffed out.

Hush, little girl

So, it quite literally is an honor to be featured in hard back, in print. I’m not bragging about this, I am actually bugging out lol.

I’m holding a physical manifestation of something I wanted to do and in a specific way I desired it to be executed.

And the best part is, the words, artwork & Teiah's energy are surrounded by other like minded people with the same intentions. Fiercely surrounded by vulnerability. Constantly surrounded by feminine energy.

Protecting women has been the entire point of this work.

I'm sure most people in the birth world feel the same way.

Thank you Knix for this opportunity.

& thanks Layanna, sorry it took so long. This has been incredibly healing. Your creative team & Rizzoli outdid themselves with the book.

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