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Updated: May 18, 2023

*The following birth story contains skin showing* Birth is messy, raw and natural. If labor offends you, I'd keep scrolling because this birth story is authentic and true to itself.

I started following IG: @dallasbirthguide years ago. A beautiful friendship blossomed from finally meeting in person. We clicked instantly and had much more in common than just our interest in birth. As the time went on, she shared with me that she was pregnant and wanted to work with me. There was no way I would have missed it for ANYTHING.

Her birth was magic. Yukie, Thank you for being vulnerable enough to share this intimate experience with the world. You were a natural and organic in more ways than one. You are a warrior. I admire the strength you have. Honorable mentions: Midwife Services: @heartstringsmidwifery- Lincey & Emily Chiropractor: Pro Motion Chiro - Jamie Wuistinger

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This is really beautifully captured and overwhelming - in a good way. I loved seeing this birth story and these shots are great in so many ways. Look at all those positions this strong woman is taking! There was obviously a lot of movement going on. And those cute little moments like the cat showing up or the look on her partner's face when the baby is finally pushed out. Or that oxytocin-hyped expression of relieve on mom's face. Thanks for sharing.

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