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Updated: May 18, 2023

There is nothing more jarring than having a plan and it not go accordingly. You can cross all your T's and dot all of your I's and somehow life intervenes. Birth is not exception to this. Caroline had a specific idea and fought hard to achieve it. However, when you arrive to the birth center and baby's feet are in the canal, we make quick adjustments and roll with the punches. Proud is an understatement for how I feel Caroline did in her situation. She was pissed and angry. As she should have been. It is okay to be upset about not receiving the things you want despite your best efforts and intentions. Regardless of circumstances she got her precious baby that she fervently wished for.

Cesareans are no joke. Everyone who has had one, whether planned or not, the fact that you can be open on a table and still rise tot he occasion to be a mother to not only your baby, but your other children AND YOURSELF is simply miraculous. Caroline, you're an absolute badass.

& one more thing: To all of the health care providers, I want you to see how critical it is to connect with your patient. We are not just numbers in a pipeline despite it directly filling pockets, ya feel me? I know it can be monotonous doing deliveries over and over but these women are people and your choice to connect to them is POWERFUL. Caroline here had an immediate transfer due to 2 feet in the canal and virtually no prep time to try other measures.

She was afraid.

Nope, she was terrified. Anyone in her position would have been. So, to be on the very table she wanted to can imagine how things roll downhill and not up. However, the absolute moment the doctor looked over the cape to connect with can literally see the energy change in the images. That one moment of connection made the difference between her feeling afraid and feeling seen.


Kudos to that man understanding that the needs of his patient ties directly to the flow of recovery.

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