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Updated: May 18, 2023

I swear when you're in alignment with whatever your calling is in this life, the entire thing just folds into itself. Creating art out of seeming impossibilities.

Like origami.

Birth is everything cosmos & chaos.

With this job of being on call for a living, the universe has always provided ways for me to be able to tend to mothers, women and children despite obstacles. Serving people who genuinely love and want nothing but the best for one another is something I consider to be wealth.

Surrounded by love

Surrounded by feminine energy

Surrounded by empowered people

Surrounded by beautiful hearted people

Surrounded by wisdom new and ancient

I asked for very specific things for 2023 regarding my clientele & of course, the delivery was swift & generous.

*Enter Mia & Tony*

When I tell you their energy together is beautiful, I'm not exaggerating.

Being near them is so precious and the way they look at one another is palpable.

That sweet baby is going to be so loved. You can just feel it.

Just look at this happy mama!

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