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The thing about friends was I always had them

Also, had a hard time keeping them growing up

I didn't understand certain dynamics for a long time

It was obvious to everyone but me

Now I can see it but I won't lie

I bloomed the latest in that understanding

I could feel the mocking nature but when called out

They'd lie

Of course they would lie

I just didn't understand

Do friends really hate each other?

Are we supposed to sabotage one another?

Are we supposed to backstab one another?

Are we supposed to hurt one another?

Am I supposed to despise your existence?


Do I have to hate myself for you?

Do we need that validation?

When I would leave, I would turn the other cheek

I never wanted to hurt

Didn't even have time to understand retaliations

In hindsight, I resent that I did that

I should have stood up for myself

But that's the thing about self sovereignty

I can choose my own well being

Because I don't fight

I end

I'll trust what was shown

& it's no one else's feigned concern

The irony is that in their plotting, the plans never included me actually walking away

Thinking I was naive because of my heart

Not because I wouldn't eventually figure out what was going on

Betrayal is simply not something I tolerate

You shouldn't either

I'll always reject behaviors that don't reflect my own




You do not get to assault my spirit and cry wolf to the universe

The Universe witnessed

So I will walk away




There is no compromise when it comes to love and envy

Even secrets told in confidence are still sacred

Your hatred will not kill the love inside me

You did not break me, sisters

You liberated me

So, thank you for the lessons in this life, beautiful sisters

I do not wish to see you in the next

(2020- betrayal perspectives from the 12t house :) for my Vedic girlies <3)

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