I personally work as a "doulatog".

I do not separate my services into just "doula" or just "photographer" when taking on clients. 

I take a limited amount of clients per month to ensure that I'm able to dedicate as much of myself to them. 

This works to both fully exercise my gifts and to serve the people who hire me.

If you are looking for "just a birth photographer" or "just a doula" for your birth, I am not the photographer for you. 

My reasons are deeply personal but I a willing to share some insight into why I choose to work this way. 

Since I started my life's work, it has always been feminine centric.


Women centered. 

Her rights. 

Her privacy. 

Her dignity. 

Her empowerment. 

Doing photography led to the natural evolution of becoming a certified doula. 

The truth is, when I saw things over the years, my calling unexpectedly posed a personal ethical dilemma. 

That can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people but my ethics directly clash with the health model our country has and the alarming stats that go with it.

We model "infant centric care".

Which, is wonderful.

However, when I started doing birth photography, I didn't want children of my own (I was surprised with my beautiful child but that came much later) 

I was captivated by the women I was serving. 


I could no longer separate my job titles, knowing that both lines of work, support one another.  


I could not, in good faith, stay silent when actively seeing mother after mother completely unsupported, dismissed or simply lied to. Women deserve to know their options. Our country also has the highest maternal death rate in the entire modern world. (collectively in USA 26.4%,) 

This stat is 3x-4x higher amongst women of color.

So when you want to work with me, know that while everyone is focused on baby, my intention is to stay focused on 




The goal is to not tell you how your birth should go but to provide real support, factual evidence and real data so you can have as best experience as possible. My real passion lies in postpartum care. 

One of the ways to combat PPD is to provide ADEQUATE support & empower women DURING their birth journey. 


Not just after. 

If the way I work matches what you're looking for, I would love to buy you a coffee/tea and see if we would be a good fit for your journey.




*I do not take clients that I have not either met in person or video chatted with. Energy is too important for this time in your life. This ensures both parties are comfortable with the process. I do not have a pricing sheet and I do not give pricing outside a consult.

Respectfully, there are no exceptions.