Birth Doula

Free initial consult at a location most comfortable to you to discuss your questions & expectations.

*If inquiry is for an out of state birth, FaceTime or Zoom call can be arranged. I offer virtual doula services as well.

1 prenatal meeting to nail down the details of your birth plan and to help you feel confident and prepared to welcome your new baby. *All backgrounds and birth scenarios are served at KPP. (This means VBAC, Planned/unplanned cesareans, home births, hospital births, planned inductions, hospital transfers and birth centers)

Unlimited phone, text, and email support from the moment we collaborate.

*Often times, expecting mothers can feel their most vulnerable during late hours/early morning hours. Some topics that need to be discussed can feel safer being expressed with a third party such as a doula; all while keeping a judgement free zone.

Unlimited labor support. This includes phone support in early labor and in-person support in your home and/or planned place of birth.*Client preferences will be discussed at the beginning of this doulaship so that no distracting discussions are had while in labor. I offer techniques from spinning babies for breech positions, rebozo work and other techniques to aid in labor whether medicated or not medicated.

Initial postpartum support. I will stay for 1-2 hours postpartum to ensure the family is transitioning well and to help with initial infant feeding support, if desired. *If emergency surgery is needed, or baby needs extra care, I will stay until things are settled with the family. Not every birth is the same.

Two postpartum home visits, ideally within the first week & three weeks after birth. My objective is to make sure you are getting settled into your new roles, provide additional feeding support, and offer referrals to any necessary resources. I can bring meals, refreshments, do light household chores, tend to baby while mother/parents rest. 

I am also still available for phone, text, or email support up to 6 weeks postpartum. *Sometimes birth takes weeks, even months to process. This is why I am on call for the duration of this time. Healing & recovery are not linear. Emotional support is paramount during this time.