There are a lot of beautiful things in our lives. Things so deeply personal that words could never adequately describe our affection for them.


Early on in childhood I recognized my sensitivity. Being sensitive to the world lead me to become a perceptive. Marveling in the details that come with documenting people's lives. I don't just take pictures. I create them.

Feel them.

Bringing your life to the forefront of the lens. 

Investing myself as much as I can to take the most intimate photos possible. Concentrating on unspoken cues and picking up hints from your worlds, while turning the images into pieces of art.

You will have my all into your capturing your story.

Striving to create a trusting relationship with you that goes beyond the final product, is important to me.

My aspiration is to forge a trusting relationship with clients through my work. 

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I don't document what it looks like. I shoot what it feels like.

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"Amazing is an understatement. there actually isn't a word to describe Kirstie as a photographer. She left me speechless. I have never seen anyone capture my life story on photo in this manner, ever. She is an artist that has a passion and a gift. If you truly want your story being captured correctly, then Kirstie is your girl." -Felise Osajie